Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Better Blogger

As of today, I have to be a better blogger.  From hereonout, I'm going to write a weekly post even if the content is nothing more than to share how much I love the Kale Salad mix at Costco which you should all try at least once.  It's packed with seven super foods of which I can only remember six: kale, brussel sprouts, chicory, cabbage, roasted pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and a creamy poppy seed dressing.  Now that I have an every day client -- the extremely wonderful Penny & Bill -- it is a delicious component to my menu planning. 

So my pledge... in addition to being a chef/event planner & screenwriter is to access my inner blogger and continue to bring you stimulating information and updates from the entertaining front lines.   And our calendar is most def heating up...

But first a nod to our unbelievable success weekend before last at Saturday's Secret Table in the Malibu bluffs.  I have never been so tired but I've said that at least a hundred times before.  The dinner was hosted by new friends: Ricky and Lynda, a pair of deeply fun and spiritual people who are serious collectors of magical objet d'arts. The setting was sublime.  The temperature scorching.  The Rosenthal Wines divine.  And a hand painted sunset that left us all in awe of nature's theater.  Some pictures....

So happy to be able to share what a splendid experience this Table was for me and my guests.  We made wonderful new friends and hope to see many people at our next event.  Huge hugs to Amy and Louis from Rosenthal (I think all the ladies had a not-so secret crush on Louis -- the chef included) and my dear friends, Virginia and Jon, for supporting me like good  little soldiers never wincing when I barked orders and kept them working into the wee hours.   So very proud that The Secret Table continues to flourish and when you hear what's next on the agenda, you'll want to attend, too.  But that's a secret for now.

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